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New Service at LGS

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LGS has had a Colt New Service in 44-40 FS for over a year.
Q1: did they even make them in .44-40?
Q2: what would be the value for it ? It's about 70% condition, with wrong grip panels (look like Pachmayr's), bbl looks like about 6" and appears orig.

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Colt did make the New Service in 44-40 and it was a popular chambering. New Services were chambered it 4 1/2", 5 1/2" & 7 1/2" barrel lengths in the fix sighted models. Photo's would help to determine value. Blue Book has it at about $1300.
Many Thanks for the info........ J.

I love the way my NS shoots in .44-40 caliber. Mine has the 5 1/2" barrel. Due to it's condition, I shoot it very little ans it stays in the vault as a "Safe Queen" mostly. Here is a photo of my 1915 New Service. I am not sure what the value of it is today, but I paid $600 for this one in approx. 2001.

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For comparison or just for 'show & tell', my 1902 New Service .44 I bought for $900 ca. 2010.

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That is a beauty, I really like the long barrel. I think the New Service is the best looking of all of Colts DA revolvers!! Thanks for posting your photo!
THANKS for the pics ... I have to go take another look at the one that has been on the LGS shelf for over a year now. It has the long bbl but, unfortunately some ugly after market grips. Price is astronomically low, so I have to approach cautiously....
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