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I've posted a very preliminary list of the guns we'll be selling at our April 22 auction in Topeka, KS, including the major Colt New Service collection I've mentioned here before.

It's posted at

There's not much info there now, just a preliminary list. Full descriptions & photos will be posted by early April, and of course will be included in the auction catalog that goes out to Dispatch subscribers. If you don't subscribe, and want the auction catalog only, it's $5 - subscription is $35 - to Old Town Station, POB 14040, Lenexa KS 66285, or call Jennifer w/ Visa or M/C info 9-4 Central weekdays.

Some of the New Service & related Colts that I think most interesting:

* Lot 1123 - N.S. .44-40 Smoothbore, with factory & ATF letters.

* Lot 1151 - Rare .44-40 Flat-top target.

* Total of 16 other Flat-top Target Models, many variations, high condition guns, uncataloged factory variations.

* Eight Shooting Masters, calibers include .44, .45, .38, .357; most excellent condition.

* Martials - 1905 & 1909 Marine Corp models, 1909 Army & Navy, Northwest Mounted Police, more.

Also, a Custer range SAA, a Dragoon w/ an unusual long barrel, and other Colts.

When I have additional information available on these, it will be posted at Thanks -- Jim Supica, #719.
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