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I just acquired a New Service commercial model in 45 colt,made in 1917 (serial # 137,xxx)
I noticed that the front sight had been previously filed down quite a bit. I'd like to replace it with a correct "shark fin" shaped
sight. Where can I find one and how tough would this be? What kind of epoxy should i use?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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The front sights were never very available as parts, and no one will have one now.
If you insist on installing a new sight you'll have to make one, which is not a major job if you can use files. All you need is some steel plate as thick as the sight, a saw, and some files.

Installing the sight on the barrel is another story.
In no case will epoxy or any other glue hold the sight.
During manufacture Colt silver soldered front sights in a slot on the barrel.
This silver solder was really silver braze that melts at temps up above 1100 degrees, which is a dull red heat. That much heat will destroy the bluing, requiring a refinish.

Soft solder, including the "silver solder" sold in hardware stores will usually not hold either. The hardware store "silver solder" is really soft solder with about 3% silver added to prevent tarnishing.
Some people are lucky and a soft solder will hold a sight. Most times after a few shots the sight flies off.

As above, the easiest and best option is to have an EXPERT heli-arc or Tig welder weld up the sight, then you can file it to shape and use a good cold blue to color it.

Of course, if the gun is shooting to the target center pretty well the best of all options is to leave it alone, especially if you're not going to be shooting it a lot.
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