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I could not find my original post but I had pics of my New Service 1904 .45 Colt.
It was reblued, no ring, and had sights put on it and a later ejector rod.
Someone here placed the value at $150 being all he felt it was worth.
But people want a good, well made old warhorse that is fun to shoot and they will pay for it.
So I sold it for $375 to someone who realized its value to him.
Also I doubt anyone anywhere will see one selling for $150 if it shoots.

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I'm from Sebring also. Did you sell it a the Lakeland Gunshow today?
I was there and I came away with a S&W 66-1 and a S&W 10-7, both excellent.
The only Colt that almost turned me on was new, never turned, obviosly never fired, 2 1/2" blue Diamondback 38SPL with box and all goodies for $695 which was certainly priced right, but I didn't need it for my collection so I passed. Nice though.
Glad to hear you got a decent buck out of your NS.



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Marekt value is what someone will pay for it. I would not give even what I mentioned, but I thought any Colt that shoots is worth at least $150. I was not alone in that opinion.

Over the years, I have seen many a person pay too much for refinished guns, but apparently there is a buyer group that likes the "new" look over originality. I mentioned that possibility in my original post. You were lucky to find one.

I recall a guy who sold an Official Police made into a "Python" that had some of the worst finish I have ever seen and he got over $600 for it, even when disclosing the origin!

Do you guys wear masks when you sell these modified guns for so much!?! Could I send you some of my dogs for you to sell for me?
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