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New shoes for my 4" .357

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New shoes for my 4\" .357

I bought this 1954 4" ".357" model several years ago. Finish is at least 95%, but the only thing wrong with it was someone had replaced the target stocks with Pachmeyers. This has bugged me since I've owned it, and I have been searching for an original set of fully checkered targets (that I could afford) for it ever since. I know it had target stocks because it has the target hammer, and above the Pacs, there was a small line in the side plate where the wood stocks once were. Also, the side plate screw that is covered by the grips is of the flat-headed type. Yesterday, I found this set of smooth targets in the grip drawer of a local dealer. I am pretty certain that they are of proper vintage for a 1954 gun because there is no cartridge ejection relief cut in the top. My question is, have you guys ever heard of Colt smooth targets during this time period? I had never seen a pair until yesterday until yesterday. Am I correct about the vintage? I paid $38 for them, which I thought was a good deal. Here's a pic, it appears my search is over!
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Re: New shoes for my 4\" .357

but my 6" 1957 "357",as close as I have to a safe queen!,is all blue.

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Thought I'd throw these pics out again. Same as yours lonewolf, a 1957 six inch, easy 99% "safe queen", s/n 11351:

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