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New To Colt and to the forum

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I am a new Colt owner as of 3 weeks ago I never owned a colt. I have scene worked my way up to three. It started with the anaconda, then the cobra, then yesterday I pick up a python. I understand now why they say colt built the best revolvers ever! Now I just need to get a set of grips for the python, not really into the camo look.....

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Hello and welcome to the Colt Forum. Congrats on all three!!

It's nice to have you here.
Welcome to the Colt forum from Arizona.
Nice picture, great looking revolvers ! Welcome aboard!
Welcome from Arizona...Great pistolas, Im sure youll have many years of shooting enjoyment with them!
Welcome to the Colt Forum from TN.
Welcome aboard from WI!
thanks For all the welcomes I am sure I will learn a lot here
Welcome to the Forum! Colts sure can be addicting, huh, slowridevw? Enjoy each and every one you can get your hands on!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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