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I bought my first Colt, a Series 70 Government Model in 1977. I didn't buy another Colt until about a month ago when I bought a "new to me" Detective Special. The DS needed a little repair so I sent it to Colt and I just got it back today. Even though I haven't shot it yet I can say that it is a wonderful design.

I like the feel of the gun in my hand. I usually carry a S&W Model 640 either IWB or in a SmartCarry holster. I tried the DS in the SmartCarry and it was almost as comfortable as the 640. Now I intend to look for a nice IWB holster for the gun.

Yesterday I spent quite a number of hours reading through the revolver forum. All I can say is that there is a lot to know about Colt revolvers and fortunately a lot of you know a lot about them.

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