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New to Forum - Info on SAA

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Hello All from sunny Az,
I am New to this Forum and am looking for some info on a gun I have.
I know its a Black Powder frame SAA but it has a 22lr cylinder and barrel.
The only markings on the barrel are a "22lr" stamp.
The serial #149898.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Welcome to the Colt Forum. You can call Colt's direct at 1-800-962-COLT (2658) with your serial number for manufacturing date and exact type of revolver; Scout, New Frontier, etc. For more detailed info check out our SAA Forum found here: Single Action Army

Thanks for joining us!
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Welcome to the Colt Forum from Arizona.
Welcome to the Colt Forum! As I vaguely recall, there were some SAA's built in 22 caliber in the time period your SAA was built. Many SAA's were also converted to 22 cal by gunsmiths over the years. I have owned a couple. The only way to be certain of the original caliber of your SAA is to obtain a letter from the Colt Archives-- 800-962-2658. The charge for such a letter is $100.
Welcome to the COLT Forum !!

Enjoy our community...
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