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Have 2 NIB Colt LE 6450 AR15 9mm carbines for sale. These are hard to get and are going to get harder. Colt has raised prices and will not be making many. I have 2 for sale. They are $1399.99+USPS shipping EACH to your FFL. I accept US postal money orders only. References available

Possible trades:
NIB Colt 4'' Python Elite
NIB Colt Stainless Delta Elite 10mm
NIB Colt WW1 or WW2 Reproduction 1911/1911A1
NIB Springfield TRP Operator
NIB Dan Wesson Stainless 10mm Bobtail Commander
NIB S&W 686 plus 4''
NIB S&W 629 6''
NIB S&W performance center guns
NIB S&W 1006 or 1076
NIB Colt ACE .22
NIB Kimber Stainless rimfire target

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