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Hi guys! I'm new to Colts being a S&W revolver fan but I couldn't pass on what seemed to be a good deal.

It's a nickel Official Police in 38 Special. Serial #8074XX. Under the # are 4 letters S,F,L & N. It doesn't seem to be a re-nickel as all the markings & letters are perfect.Even the horse & a little triangle shaped mark at the left front of the trigger gaurd are crisp.

It has what I was told are "Coltwood" grips of a marbled brown plastic. They are also in mint shape.All screw heads are perfect. The only part blued is the extractor star.The butt is stamped with a few #'s also.

The butt has a small 905 that is overstamped with 514680 in larger #'s Barrel length is 5 inches with fixed sights. Any idea what I've got here?
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