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Gunrunner; First welcome to the Forum! Your Colt was made in 1950,and the "Coltwood" stocks are correct for that era. Nickle Off. Polices are much rarer than the blued ones,and the 5" barrel is scarcer than the 4" and 6",but the 2" snubby is the rarest of all. I think the 4 letters under the serial # in the crane recess are assemblers,finishers and inspector marks;this is where they placed them to assure that their part of making the gun was "OK". Their should be the same serial number inside the crane itself,when you swing the cylinder open. When you say the "butt",I am assumming you mean these other numbers are only visible with the Coltwood stocks removed,NOT the bottom of the butt,that can be seen with the stocks on? Usually there are similiar letters and numbers,but the 514680 over stamping the 905 is a mystery. 514680 would be the serial number of an Official Police made in 1927,or its nearly identical predecessor,the Army Special Model made in 1925. Usually,police depts. etc. put their ownership marks and gun number on the backstrap or the exposed part of the butt. Two other things to look for; 1)is the latch that opens the cylinder smooth or is it checkered? 2)on the right side of the gun(the side that the latch is NOT on) under the cylinder,is there ONE large screw head,or a screw head with another dowel like thing touch it? This is what holds the crane/cylinder assembly in the frame and is a good way to "date" a gun.You have a very fine Colt there,and the ones I own are all excellent shooters,as well as being "collectable". For many years,in the not too recent pass,Official Polices could be bought very cheaply;sadly this is not the case today. Part of this is that people have "discovered" that the internal action of the guns are the same as the top of the line Python,but not hand fitted to the degree of the Python. Bud
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