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Nickel Python cleaning...Again

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I know this topic has been rode hard, but I couldn't find the previous posts I was looking for.

Very simple, I have a very nice '62 4" nickel Python. I have fired it very little but would like to shoot it more.
I know NOT to use Hoppe's #9 on the outside. What I'm wondering is it OK to use Hoppe's for bore & internal cylinder cleaning?
If not Hoppe's for the bore, what is recommended?

Side question: is the bore nickel plated also? Hard to tell looking at it with a light.

Thanks, Will :eek:
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You can safely use Hoppe's #9 on the bore and chambers.
#9 is not a particularly harsh copper solvent like many are and it won't damage a nickel plated gun as long as you don't let it soak on the outside.

Just clean the bore and chambers as normal, keeping leakage wiped off the outside. Note that when cleaning, solvent will tend to leak under the ejector so keep that area wiped dry.

You can't nickel plate bores or chambers, those are bare steel.

There are more modern bore solvents around that supposedly won't harm nickel even if you let it soak.
Since copper fouling isn't the problem it is in rifles, what's needed for a pistol is a solvent that removes carbon fouling and helps loosen leading.
Hopefully someone who knows about these newer solvents will post some recommendations.
Hopped is fine for wipe off and soft scrub if needed. It is NOT fine for soaking the parts that are nickel plated.
Why even take the chance with Hoppes?
The laws of chemistry and physics apply. It is not a chance unless contact lasts hours and hours. It is a great cleaner and if it is what you have you should not have an unfounded fear of using it. Just know what it is how it works and you are good to go.
I have used mothers mag polish applied only with the tip of a gentle finger the follow up with ren. wax. Does a great job.
I use Froglube and it seems to work great.
Thanks for all the replies. Very helpful.
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