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Night and Day

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After the mandatory 10 day waiting period I picked up my new to me 1980 Trooper MKIII. I was going to go straight to the range but decided to give it the once over first. Pulled the crane and cylinder got the side plate off, those inertia bullet pullers have more than one use. Took all of the lock work out and gave it a good scrubbing, and re-greased with tetra gun grease. Replaced the stock trigger spring and mainspring with some Wolff items and reassembled. WOW it's like a different revolver. SA is crisper and somewhat lighter. The DA is at least half of what it was, and nowhere near as much "stack" Every bit as good and even better than some old S&W's I have. I am a bit worried that the DA might be too light, used the 11.5# spring. I think I will wait until the range, and see how it does. I have the 13# spring as well. It is not hard to replace the mainspring and think I could safely do it on the range bench if I get light strikes.
Anybody had issues with the 11.5# mainspring?
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Let me know how the 11.5 spring works on the magnums .38 should fire no problem. My springs will be in Wednesday so I'll prolly be doin' some trial and error as well. Also if you want some finger grove grips there is one set of some nib safarilands on eBay. I got the other set.
Well I finally had time to make it to the range. Very accurate, more so than I am. Easy to hit 2" to 3" groups at 25 yards offhand. No issues 6 out of 6 at the 75 yards 6" steel plate again offhand slow fire. About as good as I can do. I'm sure it could do better. The 11.5# spring was on the edge, about one FTF per cylinder. Always fired on the second go round . Funny thing is that it did to seem to matter SA or DA. I would have thought that DA would have been the worst case. While cleaning I changed the mainspring to the 13# one. Seems to be a bit more robust. Will see next weekend.

While not the exact gun, as mine is a MK III 2" Nickel Lawman, I have had the same issue with my Wolff springs. 11.5 is right on the edge. And where mine seemed to fail was with 357 rounds that I loaded so long ago, that I do not even remember doing them. The charge looked good, but my crimp was a little iffy, and a few of them would sit a little proud of fully seated. I think the firing pin impact was being a touch deadened by the cartridge have to move ever so slightly forward. Either that or the box has been sitting around so long the primer cups have hardened ;^)

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