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A nitre bluing method I found in one of my books is new to me & possibly of interest to others. Melt potassium nitrate at 600F & dip the polished part in it. Said to be quick & successive dips enhance the color. The whole procedure was in a few lines.

I recco the book, mine from a yard sale for 25 cents, "Machinerys Handbook" by Oberg & Jones, 12th edition 1944, 1815 pages, been published since 1914 & still seen on ebay in the umpteenth late editions at stiff prices but the older are reasonable.

I was looking for this but got it in google & converted it to Fahrenheit.

I note my oft stated blue & spring temp of 560F is seen different, which might give a softer spring temp & a different shade of blue --- not that any of that matters, we guessing & estimating temps in the absence of accurate anything ---->
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