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I've noticed a few posts here and there that have noted the relative lack of activity on this board. I suppose you could say that this is another one

However there is no one but the members that have registered to make this board a success. Hence the title of the thread, No one but us.

My regular method of browsing my various haunts is to lurk and respond to existing threads. In all the hours of message forum browsing that I've done I've probably only started 5 or 6 threads including this one. I suspect it is the same for many here. That can't work here since the board will die of boredom without participation of the members in starting many different conversations. Many subjects will lead to curiosity about who's saying what.

My suggestion is that each of us start a new thread on some fireams related subject each day. If you see a news item that you would share elsewhere, share it here too. If your topic relates directly to Colt the company or Colt firearms then so much the better.

Sounds like a plan. Whadda y'all say?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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