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I figured I would pass these deals on here because the seller was a very nice guy and generous while buying parts off of him recently. I got quite a few parts for fraction of retail. He even gave me some parts for free. So I said I would help him sell the rest.

First of all, he has about 4-5 NOS 3rd gen hands for $13 shipped. Compared to $25-$30 you would pay retail. I got two of them and they are genuine.

Colt Hand Assembly for SAA Revolver | eBay

Then he has firing pins, a bunch. Only wants $10 shipped. A deal compared to retail of $20 shipped.

Colt SAA Firing Pins Blue Steel | eBay

Then he has 4 mainsprings. However, these have already been modified for an action job. Supposedly his buddy worked for Colt. $11 shipped. I was going to take one, but I wanted to do the modifying myself.

Colt SAA Mainspring | eBay
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