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I'm new to precision rifle shooting and have only shot my new rifle twice before. It was a beautiful day here in St. Louis yesterday, I mean, ridiculously so. Low humidy, around 50 degrees, low wind, perfect conditions. I've been curious to know how my rifle would handle Prvi Partizan Ammunition 308 Winchester 145 Grain Full Metal Jacket ammo. I've only used Federal Match with 175 grain Sierra King bullets before (It is what the scope is zeroed for). After a few rounds getting the rifle, and shooter, warmed up. I really did my best to get a good ten shot group. I had to hold a bit high with the stop, just a tiny bit actually at 100 yards, but I was really pleased with my best group of the day. Shooting from the bench, from bipod and rear bag. Here are the results.

Information on Rifle
Remington 700 S/A .308
26" 1.11.25 Mike Rock M24 Contour
Gun built and action work done by Roger Burch
Timney trigger
AIAX stock
Bushnell ERS 3.5-21x50mm FDE w/Badger 34mm steel rings
Harris Bipod

Video on Rifle

Remington 700 .308 Custom Precision Rifle - YouTube
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