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Number of Grizzlies

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The Blue Book says that 500 Grizzlies were produced. A couple of sellers on GB have recently quoted this same 500 figure (which almost certainly influences potential buyers). My Grizzly, however, is serial #CGZ541, and R.L. Wilson states in his third edition of The Book of Colt Firearms that "approx. 2,000" were made. Grizzlies are not easy to find, but they are not as scarce as some people seem to think.
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Keystone told me last week he was pretty sure there were at least 1000 produced
I had two of these (sold s/n 296...kept s/n 629...yeah...same three digits...:), and had a chat with Kathy Hoyt some years ago while trying to answer the same question. Couldn't get a specific number from Colt records, at that time, but best guess was 1000 and that seems reasonable considering the frequency they come up for sale compared to other models of similar known quantity.
Keystone told me last week he was pretty sure there were at least 1000 produced
I beleive there were 1000 made. I've handled serial numbers in the 30s all the way up to 960s but never seen or handled a serial number over 1000.
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I feel my research is almost completed. Happy to see that. Thanks to share this brilliant matter.
I was looking up a couple of serial numbers vs dates, from the Colt site, and just for giggles, played with Grizzly serial numbers, with interesting results. The site will show dates for any Grizzly S/N from CGZ501 through 999, but nothing above or below that range. I was hoping to find where the records stopped, which I did..999, which matches Keystone's observations, but the accuracy of the web site records appear to be somewhat questionable, even for "recent" production. Anything outside the 501-999 range came back "no record found", and I have documented numbers under 500 in my FFL "bound book", as does Keystone.
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