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For any of the folks who are not aware of it, I have copies of all the surviving NYCPD purchase records for Colt (and others) handguns.

These records start in 1921 and run through 1987. They are by no means complete, but they are all that have survived.

Perhaps %90 of the pre-war records were lost. About %60-70 of the post-war records survived.

The total number of entries which I've computerized is about 100-110 thousand guns.

For Colts, it covers the Army Special, Official Police, Commando, Detective Special, Cobra and Metropolitan.

For S&W (you know who you are /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif ) it covers M&P/M10, Regulation Police, M36/Chiefs Special, .32 HE, Terrier/M30 and Victory.

If you provide a serial number and it 'hits' it will usually say the date it was sold by the department, to whom, his shield number, command, and sometimes a few other little tidbits of info.

If you have a gun and you want the serial number run, send me an email. I can email you back the specs if it hits.

RM Vivas
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