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I just bought a Colt 45 - MK IV series 80 - Officer's acp. looks like it's in excellent condition. The guy I bought it from claims that it had less than 100 rounds shot through it. I gave $600 for it. To view it, watch my field strip video on you tube:

Here are my questions if anyone can answer them:

1) Why does this have a smooth recoil spring plug that differs from 99.9% of the other Officer's acps that I have seen on-line? (the downloaded manual doesn't even address this. most have checkered or slotted plugs).

2) Does anyone else have an Officer's acp that field strips like this (plug and bushing unique) ?

3) How can I find out how old this thing is
the serial # is SF 36XXX

4) was $600 a good deal, or did I get HOSED?!

5) Is something fishy about this gun? I have a gut feeling....
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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