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Officers Model target

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Newbie with a question, not all that familiar with Colt's. LGS has an Officers Model Target 6" that looks interesting. Adjustable front and rear sites. My question is the date of the revolver. They have it as a 1959 model. From the little that I know the Target model stopped around 1950 and became the Special, then the Match. 7803** serial number which does not seem to match well with what I have seen. In research it seems these were always an issue to date as they fell into several categories and model ranges for serial numbers. Is a 1959 Officers Model target real?
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Hello and welcome to the Colt Forum. You can call Colt's Tel: 800-962-COLT (2658) * Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm EST.

They will give you the manufacture date.
I did do a quick search on the Colt website, and it came up with a couple of possibilities. One was an Officers Model Special. Other were not even related. I do know enough to know this revolver is not a Special and is indeed a Target unless the barrel was changed. It has the early style crane figure 8.
It's hit and miss when you call Colt. Depends who answers the phone. I've gotten an answer from one person, called back the next day with the same question and someone else gave me a different answer. Most of who answers the phone at Colt do just that "hello thank you for calling Colt". They have some reference material and can look up serial numbers but those who answer the phone have no knowledge of the firearms especially the vintage stuff. The only to really tell is with a factory letter.
If an OMT (.38 Cal), the Official Police numbers would apply. According to TBOCF, 780,3xx would be 1950 production.
1959 starts at 863,600. I think the LGS is mistaken.
That is my thought, '49 or '50 It would be a replacement for the '52 Officers Model Match that I should never have sold.. To me they are priced High at $650 but they will deal. Pachmeyers, and no original grips good lockup and timing blueing has some wear. It is a .38 Special and is so marked.
The adjustable front sight disappeared with the Officers Model Special (1949-1952). I have an OMT SN 755xxx (1949) and an OMS SN 783xxx (also 1949, p. 357, TBOCF.) This section of TBOCF is confusing, and I stand to be corrected.

I wonder if the gun of smithrjd is an OMS that has been re-barreled with an OMT barrel? 1950 is REALLY late for an OMT. Perhaps the gun was a parts cleanup, but I have not seen one that late. A picture of the rear and front sights and crane retention screw style would help identify the gun more accurately. A letter with the build and ship dates would be very desirable for this gun, assuming it is indeed a true OMT. Does the gun have plastic service stocks?

(Apologies to anyone offended by my "delivery.")
It does have the adjustable front sight with no real ramp. Adjust screw, lock screw. Rear sight is the same, but for windage with a marker of hash lines for adjustment. Figure eight crane lock. I will look at it again tomorrow and perhaps purchase it. I do not remember all the roll marks, but the barrel is marked Officers Model target. It is a 6" 38 special.
Sounds like a real OMT to me! You need to letter that one!

(Apologies to anyone offended by my "delivery.")
Hi, JudgeColt,

I know that there are problems with some of the SN ranges in TBOCF. Are you saying that the information on p. 357, which states that the OMS SNs started in the year 1949 with starting range of 783001 is incorrect? The OP's 7803** is below that, and higher than any shown in the 1949 range for the Official Police p. 346, and the OP ranges go crazy after that. The 1951 range begins at 830550, the 1952 range, 818200; 1953, 825300; and in 1954 is back to 830550--exactly where it started in 1951! And that's the table from which the 1950 date comes. The same info is in The Colt Heritage and that little $20 Blue Book Guide edited by John B. Allen in 2008, with Wilson's name on the cover.

So, I've given up on those OP ranges and hence my question about the data on p. 357. Is there any solid information on the SNs and dates during the changeover from OMT to OMS? (Aside from a letter?)



(BTW, I don't think apologies are necessary--I'm sure I'm not the only one a little leery of those who are easily offended.)
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Well I went back to the LGS today and looked it over. I guess I looked at to many the other day.. It does not have the early crane lock, It is a single screw. The backstrap and trigger were serrated and not checkered. The barrel and sites however were Officers Model Ttarget and roll marked as such. No idea, a transitional? At any rate it is on consignment for $650 and think I will pass.
DS326, I use the charts from the back of the "American Heritage" by Wilson. (I made photocopies when the book came out, and I am still using them!) The .32 and .38 Officers Model serials were combined with the Army Special at the beginning. However, since the Army Special became the Official Police in 1927, that means the Officers Model serials are combined with the Official Police until the OMS was created. It stands to reason that any late OMT revolvers would still be in the Official Police serial number charts, NOT the OMS charts. Those charts place the subject OMT in 1950. Apparently, this OMT is a parts cleanup transitional. A letter would really be interesting.

(Apologies to anyone offended by my "delivery.")
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