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official police 38

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i have resently got a official police revolver with serial number 545xxx with a 4 inch barral , nickle platted with a butt stamp of 5045 and i was wondering what year it would be? and about how much it is worth? any replies would be appreciated ,
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the #, read from the bottom left to right No.5045 the number size is 1/16 of an inch the only other mark is a triangle in front of the trigger,the gun is never been re-nickeled also there is damage on the butt where the holster strap rubbed on the handle also there ic 3 s/n all of them match one on the crane,frame, and under the plate for the release
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i know the grips are not right i put the 70s grips on because they are bigger and fit my hand i have the correct grips for it and i do think that the num. is a issue number
also i was looking around the web and saw where the 4" barrel is not as common as the 6" would that raise the value and about how much dose pre war colts go for round about like mine im not looking to sell but just would like to know

thank you cliff
thank yall for re: to my post im glad i can learn more about my pistol ect. iv got one more question where can i find out about a russin 1943 mosin nagent rifle i just bought it today any links would be nice thank yall again

thanks cliff
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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