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official police 38

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i have resently got a official police revolver with serial number 545xxx with a 4 inch barral , nickle platted with a butt stamp of 5045 and i was wondering what year it would be? and about how much it is worth? any replies would be appreciated ,
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Hi Pistolwhipped,
Your OP was made about 1929... Can you tell me how the 5045 appears on the butt? Does it run the length of the butt or is it marked so you can read them in a crossways fashion? How big are the numbers? A picture would be good if you have the means... Value would depend whether the nickel is factory or after market and how those numbers might be marked. Is there any other non-Colt markings on the frame/barrel or in the cylinder flutes? Bob Best
Hi Pistolwhipped,
Thanks for sending the photos... My reference to a four digit number on the butt of a few early Official Police revolvers was in reference to a shipment to the British Purchasing Commission for the Battle of Britain. Some OPs were marked with a four digit number. It's hard to tell from your photo, but that number appears to be engraved and has the "No." in front of it... wrong type for a BoB gun.
I don't know what your number may represent, maybe a police officer's ID number??? I stamped my ID number on guns I carried off duty...
The triangle on the trigger guard is Colt's "Verified Proof" mark. It signifies the gun passed inspection and there is a small "VP" inside the triangle. Colt began putting the "VP" proof on their guns about 1904 during the production of their New Army and Navy model revolvers.
It's hard to tell from your photo but it appears the nickel is original. The markings look sharp .... You could add a small premium for original nickel to the price of a prewar Colt Official Police model. Hope that helps... Bob Best
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Looking at the last picture as my reply posted, it doesn't appear that your OP has the correct grips??? The correct grips should fit the grip frame cutouts with no overlap. Those grips appear to be for a '70s era Colt... My opinion... Take care, Bob Best
Hi Cliff,
I don't know that 4 inch barrels are less common than 6 inch barrels in the OP frame size. There were so many prewar OPs produced that I think you could have your choice of barrel lengths any time you wished to buy one. I'm not sure how a collector would view the number on the butt. If you had a Colt factory letter stating that Colt roll marked or engraved the number then it would bring a premium. From the photos, I would guess that your gun might bring $300 to $400. This is about the price range I see being asked at the gunshows and on line... My Opinion! Hope that helps... Bob Best
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