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Official Police (New to me)

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I just acquired an Official Police blued with 5 inch barrel, no box or papers in 38 Spl. It's got original Colt stocks with the silver medallion. These stocks look identical to the stocks on my '27 Officers Model Target in 38 Spl. The serial no. is 711xxx. Anyone have the date of shipment/manufacture? (I'm guessing late 1930's or early '40's.) Is the 5 inch barrel unusual?

I would easily call this gun 98%+. There is slight muzzle wear on each side of the tip of the barrel and even slighter on only two sides of the cylinder(from being stored in a holster.) The checkering on the stocks is still sharp and little worn. The cylinder line is very faint and there is no flame cut apparent on the underside of the topstrap so I don't think this revolver has been shot much.

It belonged to a retired Navy chaplain who told me that he had kept it for a personal sidearm at different duty stations over a 32 year Navy career. He said he had shot it a few times in the '50's when he first was commissioned and that he had bought it from another Navy chaplain prior to that. So, I am curious as to the date of manufacture.

[If I can figure out how to post pictures, I'll do it.]
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Nice catch, R.L. Wiilson's book places the gun manufacture at 1944. Value is around $500 + or -, since we can't see condition.
1944 will make a good companion to my 1944 S&W M&P.

Any tips on posting pictures. I've snapped some with my digital camera already and have rezized them down smaller (640x480). How do I upload them into the message text?
To post pictures you need to upload them to a "host" page. Your internet provider can give you information about getting web space and how to upload data to it. My provider gives 10 meg as part of the internet access package. There are some free picture host services out there as well, but I don't have details on them. You could also e-mail them to somebody who has space. When the pictures are on the web, you use the "
" commands in your message, with the URL of the picture between the commands.
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