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OK, Colt Fans ...

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There's a John Wayne movie - OK, TWO John Wayne movies, in which he plays cops instead of cowboys or soldiers or an American boxer hiding out in Ireland or Genghis Kahn or whatever. In one, he plays a detective - they're ALWAYS detectives, aren't they? Anyway, a detective from what American city and on special assignment in London. In this one, he uses a Colt ______. In the OTHER John Wayne cop show, he's again, of course, a detective but now in ________, and is seen using a Colt ______, an S&W ______, a Browning _______ and a _______________. If this is too sissy for a gun column, forgive me ... seemed like a good idea at the time.
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In McQ he used a Colt Python also. (The scene on the dock where he shoots a bad guy running away).

In the gunshop where he picks up the MAC 10, he's buying a Colt 1911 Government Model.
Loads it, cocked and locked, and into his belt.

Can you just SEE Wayne in a cop movie with the current crop of wimpy poseurs?
He'd EAT them.
I'd have to check the movie again.

I'm fairly sure in the prologue at the very beginning of the movie, the narrator is telling the history of "The Shootest" and each era begins with two six guns being fired.
Both are blued, engraved, ivory stocked 4 3/4" Single Actions.

In "McQ" a bad guy tries to kill Wayne on his boat. He grabs a 4" Python and makes a nice long range shot. I seem to remember a by-stander complementing Wayne on his long range marksmanship.

In "Brannigan" he is using a Colt Diamondback, which is correctly identified by the British Inspector when he meets Wayne at his club.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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