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OK, Colt Fans ...

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There's a John Wayne movie - OK, TWO John Wayne movies, in which he plays cops instead of cowboys or soldiers or an American boxer hiding out in Ireland or Genghis Kahn or whatever. In one, he plays a detective - they're ALWAYS detectives, aren't they? Anyway, a detective from what American city and on special assignment in London. In this one, he uses a Colt ______. In the OTHER John Wayne cop show, he's again, of course, a detective but now in ________, and is seen using a Colt ______, an S&W ______, a Browning _______ and a _______________. If this is too sissy for a gun column, forgive me ... seemed like a good idea at the time.
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Uh-oh. I WAS ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE of the answers to my own questions before I posted them ... now, I'm not so sure! Oh well, here goes - "Brannigan," is the one where, "The Duke," plays an American detective from Chicago on assignment in London. I'm thinking - as our own Mr. Diamonback says, he uses a Colt Diamondback. In, "McQ," which is set in Seattle, we have a difference of opinion and I certainly won't dispute anything with Mr. Wheel. I THOUGHT he used, in order of appearance, a Diamondback, an S&W model #10, 2" blue, buys a Browning Hi-Power and then the Mac 10 Ingram. (Or is it an Ingram Mac-10?) I don't recall the Luger at all? I must've gone for popcorn! And let me ad to the confusion - a friend and I are not in agreement about guns in, "The Shootist." (A John Wayne western, his last film and my own favorite.) I think he has a pair of all blue, engraved Colt SAA's with ivory grips. BUT, one is 4 5/8th and the other 5 1/2. My friend says I'm nuts and blind and they're both 4 5/8th. I claim in the scene where he's unpacking in the boarding house and again after their, "shootin' lesson," it's plain to see ONE of 'em is definitely a 5 1/2" barrel. OK, gents ... fire when ready!
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OK, Dr. Wheel, OK! Go to the head of the class. Now, if you can tell me what, "The Duke," orders for breakfast in, "Brannigan," you win the keys to a new Cadillac. (Not the car, just the keys. Ha!) I looked through my videos yesterday to review McQ, but it's gone. "The Shootist," I've still got and first chance I get, I'll watch it again. Say, I guess John Wayne's holster outfit from El Paso and Bianchi and probably others isn't news, but what kind of rig has he got in, "The Shootist?" (I like it better, anyway.
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