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Pretty good shape, book shows higher but around here realistically I would think $2000 - $2500. If it is located in California is it even on the list for legal possession and sales. I don't know just asking.
Hello Mike,
If this particular USED hand gun is located and for sale in California it is perfectly legal to buy and sell it here as it is considered used and therefore only requires a sales transfer through a FFL licensee. Typically the buyer will pay the agreed price to the seller, a DROS fee and a FFL transfer fee are both paid by the buyer to the FFL licensee. Our California Department of Justice Roster of Handguns Certified For Sale only applies to new handguns for sale.
Truly it's an ongoing California democratic party purposely fueled political quagmire for us 2A supporters and designed to eliminate all new hand guns from being legally sold in our state.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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