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Do you recall (or, better yet, have a .jpg of) an ad that Colt ran for a long time in police journals in the late fifties and early sixties? I now realize that the campaign was in response to the inroads on snubby sales to S&W's Chief's Special as it emphasized the "advantage" of six rounds versus five rounds. It showed on either side of the page a photo of a standing detective type man in right-handed and left-handed images drawing a D frame. It even had the badge pinned to the opposite side of the shirt (which seemed a little screwy to me as I was used to the conventional left-chest placement.) The ad made a strong impression on me as I read and reread the magazines or catalog.

I'm looking for it as an image search on the Internet and haven't yet had luck finding it (but have found other great old ads . . . at prices that no longer exist and which I could not afford even then . . . my family was not a gun family).

If anyone has a good electronic image of it, I'd love to have one.

Who else has favorite nostalgic ads for Colts?
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