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Old Official Police help

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A neighbor just had me look at an old Official Police from her late husband and I can't seem to exactly identify,,,,need help.
Gun is nickel (possibly re-nickel) Colt Official Police 6" 38Spl. which is fairly clear to see on the side of the barrel. On the top of the barrel it says patent dates Aug. ? 1884 July 4, 1905. Is this a regular Official Police Pre-War or what, the patent dates have me a little thrown?
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No, I looked and that is only patent dates on the gun. I forgot one thing, she also had a paper that her husband got from his fellow police buddy when he got the gun. It was an old "carry" permit for the gun from their Captain dated 1937, in would you believe, the state of New Jersey. In the crane the ser.# was something like 685XXX. That's all I know about the gun....any help? Dick
Ya. I got something screwed up on that serial number, I'll have to check with the little old lady and get back to you, but I say the form and it was 1937
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