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Old Trooper Mark III

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Hi all,
I just found out that my Colt Trooper Mark III, was manufactured in 1958, however the gun is in amazing condition, which was making me think it was a recent built year, anobody have any idea of approximate worth for sych a piece, no rust no pitting, blue is 90-95%, bore is bright with prominent lands and grooves and the action is super tight.
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Mark III's didn't begin until 1969. You are confusing your gun with the older Trooper. Two different models and actions. Check proofhouse under MKIII for your build date.
That is exactly what I was doing, I checked and it is made in 1977. That's why folks join forums :)
Nice looking MKIII; I always thought they were one of the strongest looking Colt's produced.
Nice Colt. Im no expert. This is just my opinion, I would value this (in So Cal without original stocks)Trooper mkIII at around $550.
Some do not appreciate the Trooper III as I do.

Mine is 33 years old:
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Currently, I have 2 Mark III 357 guns; 1971 bbl 6" and 1981 bbl 8".
Gave My son My original 1978 bbl 6".
Nothing wrong with Mark III's, they are generally good, solid shooters, and easy to shoot accurately, due to the bull barrel.


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My first Colt a Peacekeeper 357 mag 4 inch barrel was a Trooper Mark 5 Strike baby sprayed with Butt Ugly Matte Coating. It was ugly, I loved it, and eventually bought it for a grand sum of 225 dollars,which it was @ that time in my life.If you want a testament as to a gun's strength I remember seeing Police write ups extolling the virtue that "the frame is so well constructed it could be used as a impact weapon after the LEO runs out of tactical reloads". Could you imagine a write up like that in this present time? They might make a big deal of the Black color being Racist like the standard B27 targets were accused of being.:cool:.
I have a first year MK III .22 Trooper 6 inch barrel blue purchased new in 1979; They only appear to be made for a short time; Anybody known how many were made and what year were they discontinued. Thanks, Jackson.
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