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I'd be more concerned with the "matte" finish!!! What??

Seriously,those "dimples" dont appear "stock" and the 2 pins can be seen above these.

The rounded front sight and the "Firestones" for stocks,leads me to believe that this Officers was a "trail gun". No wonder price is below book.

That .45 LC in the first line,blew my mind!

As far as target revolvers,while they usually are found in more "pristine" condition than fixed sighted "service pieces",many were "altered" by their owners to get that last bit of "advantage,real or theoretical". Stocks,sights,triggers,hammers,trigger guards etc.-AND-not all were done as professionallyas those beauties by King,Christy,Pachmayr, etc.

Last car,that I owned(drove for a dealer also),that I competed in "stock class" in drag racing was a 68' Plymouth Road Runner 383 cid. Engine,suspension and other non visible parts modified for "advantages",but to save a few pounds on the front end(and put it in the trunk for traction and make legal shipping weight),I swapped the Road Runner hood,with fake side scoops,and the metal grille,for a lighter one from a Satelite and a GTX plastic grille.

Someone,who bought that car,assuming it wasn't totalled after I traded it in,who was trying to restore it,was probably driven to distraction by that "non standard" sheet metal!!!

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