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OMM Police Gun

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I have a made in 1961 Officers Model Match that is stamped R.O.P.D.

Anybody seen one with this marking or have any idea what PD would have used this?

Gun and Grips are in very good condition so I don't think it has been shot much. Trigger and lock up are great. Are these guns the same or similar to Pythons?

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The Officer's Model Match is the same general gun as the Python.

The old model Colt Trooper revolvers in .38 Special and .22LR are essentially OMM revolvers with a different barrel.

The Python, the Official Police, the Officer's Model Match, the old model Trooper's, and the 357 all have the same "I" frame, and the same lock work. Most parts will interchange.

Other than the Python's barrel and caliber, the big difference is, the OMM has the firing pin mounted on the hammer, and the Python has it mounted in the frame.

The OMM can be tuned to Python-like quality, and these are fine revolvers.

The "RO" Police Department could be anybody. Pick up a map and start looking for towns with the initials "RO".
Your guess is as good as any.
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...only eight years late...maybe Royal Oak Michigan?
Holy Resurrected Thread, Batman!
...ya...Montana .45 may have ridden off into the sunset by now...(not permanently I hope)...
...ya...Montana .45 may have ridden off into the sunset by now...(not permanently I hope)...
He has not posted since 2005 so may not get the message.
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