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I have a Galco holster for a 4 3/4 45LC SA that I picked up used but like new condition at a super good price earlier in the year. I need to get a belt for it. I'm looking for something like the Galco 1880's belt I think. That inside out belt with the holster would be the traditional John Wayne style I believe... Looking for something that I can use and not worry about, and that belt would be basically free because I have about $250 in Cabelas gift certificate and that should more than cover it. Have enough to maybe add another cross draw holster.Q, Anyone used that particular Galco gun belt?Q. Sizing. Cabelas sells in M, L, XL. I thought Galco sold belts in actual measurements, not M, L... So I don't know what size to get if I do go that route. I'm about 34 waist, and probably about a 37 at the hip For gun belt, so I'm thinking a large.. Not sure Thanks in advance
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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