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Opinions on this Colt Super 38, 3 digit serial

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Theres this Colt Super 38, 3 digit serial number 272. What are your guy's thoughts? Does it seeoriginal? I thought the original prewar super 38's came with 2-tone magazines. Here's a link to it Colt 1911 Super 38 Rare 3 digit under 300 with Box : Semi Auto Pistols at
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man is sure looks "soft" and rounded...maybe it is just me, I am not an expert.
My vote goes for a refinish. Seller never states 'original finish'. Nice gun though.
I was wondering about the roll marks as well... they do look soft and the finish does not show any storage marks.

Here is my circa 1947-48 1911A1 38 Super... The roll marks seem a lot sharper on this gun.

The early post war guns used at least some left over GI parts from cancelled war time contracts... not as nice as pre-wwII but not bad. Apparently Colt's was trying to push as many guns out as they could using materials at hand after the war when materials were still scarce... probably using parts on hand when commercial production stopped for WWII.


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Now that's a nice Super!!!!!!!!!!
OP's gun is refinished with soft edges. Look at the 1911-A1 finger reliefs. Should be dead sharp there.
man is sure looks "soft" and rounded...maybe it is just me, I am not an expert.
My very first impression also, and I'm no expert either, but have trained myself to notice these things. I'm of the opinion that it is definitely re-blued!
In 1929, the magazine should be two tone.
The package is made up. The "Glare-proof" finish (as mentioned on the box) did not appear until much later. The gun has been refinished in the "Glare-proof" style, probably by Colt, and put in a late style box.
Agree with all the above. Looks like a hot salt blue rather than the beautiful Colt oven blue, and the polish was done on a buffing wheel rather than the period wooden polishing wheels.

Also in the letter, Colt still doesn't get the difference in Super .38 and .38 Super.
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Nicely redone, but the ad seems a little misleading where it refers to Colt's high luster blue this certainly is not that. Also, the box is referred to as typical, not original.
Yup, I also think it is a refinish nicely done.
The polishing looks to "soft" to be original, and the lettering is not deep enough.

I conclude that it is a really nice re-blue job on the pistol.

Just an opinion.
I have seen numerous fake Colt "IN-BOX" listings from this character, and have helped several forum members when asked about a specific listing. I agree with others that this is obviously a refinished Colt and it is not merely suffering from "very light handling and storage wear".

Here is a sample Python listing from this crafty fellow. I believe he studies the Colt Forum and has learned that the thumb cut outs (located above the end flaps), on a fake box, should be obscured for Pythons of a certain production year. He has had dozens of dubious Colt listings over the past year or so. Watch out for this guy!

Colt Python 357 Magnum Hard to Find 4? w/box! : Revolvers at
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Thanks for all your guy's responses. When I first saw it, it did look fishy.
Not that it really matters, but I concur - the gun has been refinished. The magazine was also refinished. You can see the old tempering line between the third and fourth holes in the mag. Above that line there was no finish.
The first thing I noticed, was that the top of the rampant colt logo was really soft, almost invisible.

I'm a tyro when it comes to the finishes on the older Colts, and these posts have been extremely educational. Thanks, guys.
Crook. He's implying by his price, if not saying, that it's an original finish. And it definitely is not (look at the flattened lines of the rear slide gripping area). On my list to never buy from.

Question: Why does Gunbroker allow fakes, frauds, and ripoff sellers? Don't they care about the buyers, or is the almighty dollar all they want? They should police the sellers a little more, and not just rake in the fees and let buyers get screwed.
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