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Original box and cardboard sleeve E-Nickel Python on GB!!!

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I've become very interested in getting a set of e nickel snakes. Please have a look at this "authentic" label and let me know your thoughts and if there are any discrepancies. The gun was built in 1979. I'm going to send this link to the seller who told me "believe what you want" when I expressed numerous concerns. Tired of this game online with these guys that "have no reason to think it ain't real". Please offer some reasons from the wealth of knowledge of lifetime collectors . . .

Here is the authentic end label:


Colt Python 4" Electroless Nickel : Revolvers at
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You have got to be kidding me with that shipper box!Screams fake Jessie!
Also love how the sellers says " comes in original colt blue gun case "
Yeah it is made by colt alright, just not original to that gun. I hate how the "shady" sellers try to word things.
Run Forest Run ...

At least the model number is right. But crayon label markings??? And were this outer shell and plastic box used back in 1979? My 1982 stainless still has the old style wood grained box.

And the gun was manufactured prior to ENick being introduced which means a non-original finish. Even the front sight pins are the wrong color for ENick.

As for being a shooter, it should be a good shooter. As for being a collector ... well, you've seen the comments.
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I own 3 Pythons in factory boxes with Electroless Nickel finishes. All 3 have serial numbers beginning with K6xxxx. They are all in wood grain boxes with computer printed info on the labels. My research shows E-Nickel finishes beginning around K5xxxx and haven't seen any past K7xxxx. That doesn't mean it wasn't offered before or after then, just that I haven't personally found any. One thing for sure, Colt would not have used that box in 1979. This is a correct ENICK box. My advice to you: Keep looking!
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Thanks fellas,I was indeed aware that this was a far cry from the real deal. Just sending the seller a link to this thread since he was so certain he had an authentic factory package. I was at no time about to make the plunge - my title was really more tongue in cheek ;-)
DrDuc, when you get back with the seller, send him this link and ask him to examine, then compare the scale and dimensions of the photo montage, and the size and style of the lettering, on his and the GunBroker "picture" boxes. He will never be able to find a known original like these, and I mean exactly like it.

Colt Original Cardboard Sleeve for Python Anaconda : Revolvers at

Secondly, you can tell him that authentic E-Nickel Pythons were packaged in a style several generations and at least a decade removed from the "blue, non-lined plastic case with picture box outer sleeve" era. He will never find a known original E-Nickel Python from 1979 with this style of packaging.

Some of these sellers have absolutely no knowledge Colt packaging, yet they will try their darnedest to convince you otherwise. Heck, he may actually believe it's authentic and paid too much for it as a result. In which case there is likely no persuading him otherwise.

Colt enthusiasts are very fortunate that the lettering and structure found in authentic labels of the "picture box" generation (and there more than one correct style) are very unique, recognizable, and hard to duplicate (fake). You and your seller can be sure this ain't one of them.

Lastly, I have never seen a known original Python label from the "picture box" era that was filled in with ink. I would have to see some very good provenance if one were to surface.

Best of luck and please keep us informed about this.
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The texture of the finish doesn't seem right for E-Nickel, looks more like brushed stainless steel.

Btw: before anyone buys a blue plastic Colt handgun box on the auctions, Colt Mfg has them in stock for only $29.95.
OK question for the experts .... were all the factory e-nickel Pythons done using the 2 tone coltguard process or were there some pythons that had a e-nickel finish like the listing in the OP's
the only pythons i have seen like that were all factory refinished also it is my understanding ALL nickel pythons had nickel front sight pins
The texture of the finish doesn't seem right for E-Nickel, looks more like brushed stainless steel.

Btw: before anyone buys a blue plastic Colt handgun box on the auctions, Colt Mfg has them in stock for only $29.95.
Don't mean to hijack this thread, but can provide a link for the blue boxes?

Boy if only all of our “original” boxes looked like this. All mine are a far cry from this “perfect” box. Once you find a problem, more seem to follow.
Also pins on the front sight are blue shouldnt be for nickel gun and box not right
If and when I manage to find a good nickel 6" with a " factory box'' I'm coming here to have the members check it out. I just started getting interested in Pythons and would like to eventually obtain 2 or so. The sellers that try to fake these things really do a disservice to the majority of honest buyers and sellers. If it looks too good to be true...
I have a " front sight pin " question ( referenced above ). Did all of the stainless units have the black front sight pins? And all of the E-Nickel have the for lack of a better word' satin stainless pins/ Also, some revolvers have 2 pins, some have only one. They sure don't make this easy do they!!
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