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I thought I’d post some pairs. Well at least my loose interpretation of it. No identical consecutive numbered guns for me, but rather similar guns with different barrel length or finishes, similar functions, close resemblance etc..

Some Colts but other brands too.

A pair of S&W .44 Classic Hunters

A pair of S&W 586

A pair of blued full underlug 6’’ S&W

A pair of snubbies .357 Mag

A pair of FN HP

A pair of Colt Delta Elite

A pair of monster vintage semi auto Magnums

A pair of consecutive Glocks (17&18)

Another pair of Glocks

A pair of HK P7

A pair of silenced pistols

A pair of full auto machine pistols

A pair of consecutive Berettas (92&93R)

A pair of Beretta 92

A pair of Walthers

A pair of Colt Gvt model

Another pair of Colt Gvt model

A pair of Swiss ordnance semi autos (1900-1949 / 1949-1975)

A pair of 4’’ blue / ivory Colts with vented barrels

A pair of 4’’ Colt Diamondback

A pair of 1911 A1

A pair of 1943 US ordnance GHD inspected handguns

A pair of AR 15 A2

You guys got any ?

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A couple of .357 snubbies...Python and Lawman Mark III...

A pair of .22LR Colts...Trooper Mark III and an Officers Model Match...

.357 Magnums...King Cobra and a S&W Model 19...

Lawman Mark III and Metropolitan Mark III...

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Sure I can come up with some pairs. They just don't match much.:rolleyes:

The most matching I can come up with. Pair of Mauser made P.08s (1938 and 1941).
DSC00001 (1).JPG

Pair of S&W second model hand ejectors, an ex British .455 converted to .22lr and a 1937 commercial 1917.


Pair of single action revolvers, early 3rd generation Colt in .45Colt and Uberti in .44-40.

DSC00023 (1).JPG

Pair of Colt revolvers, the same SAA from above and an Official Police.


Pair of early German semi autos, 1910 C96 and 1909 Luger.

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