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First - I hope this is the correct spot, second - Thank you for your time in advance!

PB_01.jpg PB_02.jpg PB_03.jpg PB_04.jpg PB_05.jpg

I am trying to find out what this is and how was it was used. I made an inquiry to the FB - Paterson Historic Preservation Society and they said maybe a small belt buckle or rosette for a horse bridle, but they had not seen one. They made some inquiries and someone linked to a picture of a reproduction (the back looked like a stick pin had been attached) that was sold at auction, but I have not been able to find another picture of one like this. In the last picture of the gun set (provided by the Preservation Society) - the caper has the same pattern as this buckle.

The front has Patent Arms Manc co Patterson, N.J. and Colts Patent.

Again Thanks!
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