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Perhaps the Colt 1895 Navy isn’t so lowly anymore?

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This one hammered at $1000, by the time you add in buyer’s premium, shipping, and FFL fees, you are easily in excess of $1200. Yes, it does have condition and is in the more desirable .41 Long Colt, but it wasn’t that long ago you could pick these up regularly for much closer to $500 than a grand:

This makes me pleased that I picked this .41 Long Colt Army when I did:

Wood Household hardware Revolver Gas Cylinder
Revolver Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Material property
Air gun Trigger Revolver Gun barrel Wood
Revolver Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory
Cylinder Gas Font Metal Bicycle part
Cylinder Bicycle part Rectangle Font Auto part
Font Paper Paper product Document Parallel
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Nice gun, Ian. This thread reminded me I have an Army that went to Colorado and a Navy that went to Oregon, both in .41Colt. The markings on these guns of that era were so crisp and nice, as is some of the remaining blueing. My 3" isn't nearly as nice as the 6".
Air gun Trigger Machine gun Revolver Shotgun

Automotive tire Grey Silver Rim Automotive wheel system

Automotive tire Bumper Auto part Automotive design Machine

Glasses Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bicycle part Eyewear
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