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Picked up a 3 5 7 this week

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Pretty happy with the purchase. Its a 1959, the gun has some honest wear although it isn't as bad as the picture makes it out to be. Paid 495 for it although i swapped on the grips you see on it because it had non standard grip on it.

Normally i don't buy guns without factory grips because the cost to buy them can make it not worth it, but these guys made me decide to pick it up

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These old 3 5 7s are a dream to shoot as well as fun to own. Very accurate and comfortable even with full loads. I am confused as to which grips you purchased the gun with. The full checkered gen 1 Python grips you show are worth the $495 you paid for the gun. Even at $495 with the rubber grips you did good. IMHO anytime you can buy a Colt in .357 mag that goes bang every time you pull the trigger you have done well.
If you bought the 3 5 7 with those Python stock, congratulations on the free gun.

I love deals like that.

I bought a raggedy Trooper 38 with 3rd gen Python stocks on it.

Sold the Trooper for what I paid and made pretty penny on the stocks.

Now I don't have any Troopers or 3 5 7's, I think I need to find another one.

Am I the only one that finds this "Free" forum ends up costing me money?
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It came with the first gen python grips on it. I figure i will hold on to those grips and hopefully find a python with non standard grips and hopefully save myself a few bucks. I collect colt DA revolvers up to about 1960, so this gun was a win win for me.

One question, what is the U under the SN for?
Regarding those Gen 1 grips. I sent a pair in much worse condition to Swamprat a couple of months ago for rehab, and I couldn't believe how good they looked when returned.
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