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Picture test. Official Police

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Thought I try my hand at posting a picture of my recent purchase. Made in 1944 it still looks and shoots great.
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I like it, too. Looks like you have a "flaming bomb" ordnance mark stamped on the frame which means it was military issue - the historical value just went up! Try to get ahold of the Pate book to see if your serial is listed.

Anyway, nice find; and if push comes to shove, you are well defended.

"U.S. Handguns of World War II; The Secondary Pistols and Revolvers" by Charles W. Pate, Andrew Mobray Publishers, P.O. Box 460, Lincoln, RI 02865. Toll Free 1-800-999-4697 for free catalog.

When I bought mine, it list for $39.00, don't know what it is now. A great reference for WW2 OP's, Commandos, DS's, Model N and M's, Service Ace's, Woodsmen and .38 Supers as used by your government.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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