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Pietta Cylinder fits on Original? Uberti does.

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Hey friends.

I want to replace the cylinder on my original Colt army 1860 because it's not in good condition and I want to put it back to work.

I found these two (check out the links below) The Uberti is saying it also fits on an original. But it's out of stock, so I have to deal with the pietta and I'm not sure if it also fits on my original. For me, it looks similar.

I need advice from Somebody who knows that, not just an opinion. Thank you very much.

CY0606 Cylinder for the Uberti Repro. Colt 1860 Army Or Original .44 Army
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Go here and get this instead of a Pietta or Uberti. Get some Treso nipples for original Colts (made for #11 caps but my #10 Remington caps fit better) and you'll be good to go. If you have questions call Lodgewood - great people who know old iron. 1860 Army Colt Cylinder (Reproduction for Original)-#33 No engraving on the cylinder and no nipples included.

Some Uberti 1861 Navy cylinders fit original 1861 Navy arbors/frames, but it's likely to hit and miss, and miss again with production over the years, especially with the 1860 Army because of all the variants. The Lodgewood cylinder will fit.
I don't know anybody in the US. This Cylinder would be the best solution. Unfortenly they don't ship internationally and I'm living in Sweden. Maybe there is a nice person which could send it to me for some extra money?
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