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WOW! You guys have heavy-duty taste! Sorry for the, "one that got away," SEBCo. Fishing in Montana, even without the pipe, sounds just heavenly. It's Friday night on the plains in Kansas and the wind his blowing and the sky is GREEN! I'm afraid we're in for some weather. I'be never had a Dunhill ... always admire them, though. I do have a few Savinelli's. My best are three assorted size Ben Wades I got in an Army PX in the 70's. Entomology? Wow. (Study of insects?)256M-S, have you ever tried Blackjack cigars? I used to tell everyone I met about them and thought they were the world's best 25 cent cigar. (I think they cost more, now!)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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