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How could I leave out Charatan?

Most of my Dunhills date from the sixties and weren't as outrageous as anything with that label has become today. Always had great lines and felt good in the mouth. Liked Charatans equally well and the better grade Savinellis the same. Have a couple of Barlings and they were great pipes but they always seemed to have small bowls and I prefer a bowl that will accept my thumb to pack and tamp. Never cared much for the free form pipes and most of mine are pretty traditional.

Never smoked Blackjacks and 'fraid I don't know them, RC. When I was younger I figgered cigars were only for staff officers and senior field grades who had more leisure and were more static except when jumping to the General's piles.

Smoked Picayunes and Gauloises and a pipe for extended field ops 'cause you could go a long way with a pound of tobacco. Got into Cigars on an extended tour in Africa and got spoiled on Cuban tobacco. Have to pay stateside prices, I long ago settled on Arturo Fuentes cigars from his shop in Tampa as being a good compromise between taste and cost. Nothing like a good cigar after a good meal or at the end of day after a good hunt--less hassle than a pipe,too.

Pipes were good interrogation tools, though, you could make a fellow squirm with the silence that accompanied pipe business when you were at a loss for the next question or comment.

"And the blithe revolver began to sing/ To the blade that twanged on the locking-ring..."
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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