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Hello everyone,

I've got a Mark Morris (from Morris Custom Pistols) Colt M1991A1 Two-Tone Commander in 45 ACP available for sale. Firearm was built in May, 2001. I have the original bag, but no build sheet. Gun includes Mr. Morris' Carry Package. Firearm comes with one Wilson 8-round magazine, case, and a set of slim black aluma-grips (last pic). Round count is unknown. This commander has a Morris barrel and Morris sights (tritium - dim).

For those of you that don't know of Mark Morris, please take a look at his website: Welcome to Morris Custom Pistols

Mr. Morris is one of the top echelon of custom 1911 gun smiths today. His works of art are much sought after and very hard to find. In fact, I believe that Mr. Morris currently has a 5-7 year wait list. Don't lose this opportunity to own a true, full-house custom.

Price is $2,250 or best offer. I am willing to trade for another full-house custom in Government size.

Thank you for your interest. Pictures to follow - please be patient. There are 11 pictures in total.

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Picture 3:

Picture 4:

Picture 5:

Picture 6:

Picture 7:

Picture 8:

Picture 9:

Picture 10:

Picture 11:
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