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Please Help find Info on Colt agent 2nd issue

Please help. I found a colt agent 2nd issue in about 95% condition at a local shop. I am looking for information and details about this model. What would this be worth? It has the shrouded ejector rod and is finished in matte black with packmayr grips. Does this model have a drop safety and would it be safe to carry with a live round under the hamer? Would it be able to fire +p? Where could I find a hammer shroud? Weight of colt agent?

Thank you

PS I did a search here and found nothing. I also searched the web for info and found a colt manual that covered several models.

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FWIW Blue Book for a 2nd issue agent in 95% condition is $350. Most would say that non-original grips reduce that. Although there are some on auction for higher, they seem to sell in the $275 to $325 range so far. The matte black is parkerized. Yes, it has a "drop safety" which originally appeared in the Police Positive, the "positive" alluding to the safety device which blocks the hammer until it is cocked or the trigger is pulled in DA. There is a recent post about aftermarket hammer shrouds. I will find the post. In a edit, I will also add a couple of links to posts about +P and a link to user manuals which you may already have so you can read the factory recommendation. /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif
User manuals:
Hammer shrouds:
One recent discussion involving +P:
A current auction:
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