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These were originally posted to the revolver forum in a police gun thread.
I thought it would be fun to put them here on the Semiauto cue for thoses
that don't visit the revolver section. Sorry for the crappy photo quality
someday I will get a real camera.

Here is a sampling of some of my Police Marked Hammerless:

Binghamton New York Police Department M1908 .380 Cal.
Inscribed B.P.D on the Grip Safety. One of 6.

Shanghai Municipal Police M1908 .380 cal.
Roll Marked
Shanghai Municipal Police No. 729
On the right Frame. 729 also stamped on the slide and barrel.

M1908 .380 Cal.
Factory inscribed on grip safety, L.P.D. No. 22
Believed to be the Lowell, Massachusetts Police Department.
Shipped to a Boston Dealer in 1912.


Gloversville, New York Police Department M1903 32 Cal.
Inscribed on the left Frame G.P.D No-1.
Serial number moved to the right side by Colt


Detroit Michigan Police Department 15th Precinct.
Retirement Gift to Sergeant
Guy Clark Hall, 1939.
A M908 .380 Cal Inscribed on the right frame.

Guy Hall's Military Registration Form after retirement.

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