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Charles; I wish I'd saved my old "Gun List" and "Shotgun News" issues from around 15 years ago. Century was importing these 4" Police Pos. Specials,from,I think,Singapore?? They came in various "conditions,and most had replacement plastic stocks,or well worn originals.

It might have been Hong Kong,but those were the S&W M&Ps, I think.

Could well be South America,say Colombia,and the Bogota police in Colombia used P.P. Specials,but Wilson and Sutherland say they were "roll marked".

In any event,its from "away". I almost bought one to covert to a .32 Magnum,as Gun Parts Co. was offering post war Police Positive Special bbls. in .32 cal,and .32 cylinders that had been reamed for the then fairly new .32 Magnum. But I have a Colt Courier .32 and thought the conversion would be redundant.

Hopefully,someone with better memory than I,will chime in,as these guns were fairly common about 15 years ago at many gunshows,selling in the $100-$125 range,retail. Bud
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