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Police Positive Special

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Finally got to shoot several revolvers I had acquired recectly. First five were business as usual--nothing to brag about, for sure. Then it came time for a police Positive, 4" barrel, I picked up recently. I shot one ragged hole at 7 yards, handed the gun to my son-in-law and he did the same! Neither of us were able to get close to that with any other. Luck or can one gun actually be that much more accurate than others? I don't know, but I do know what I will be packing from now on! Now I'm looking for another PP.
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Hi, Flintstone. I bought my first Colt revolver about 1 1/2 years ago. It's also a PPS, but with a 2" chopped barrel, filed-down front sight and was built in 1922. I'm generally not real handy with revolvers, but once I got used to that front sight, it didn't take very many shots to get in sync with this little gem. I love it and I carry it often because it hides nicely in baggy summer clothes here.
I have a Police Positive in good shape, 6" barrel, .22 WRF ammo, it's not a Special but it is a nice gun. Firearm Gun Trigger Revolver Gun accessory
Information on the right side of the barrel: Colt's PTFA MFG Co Hartford CT USA (second line) Pat'd Aug 5, 1884, June 5, 1900, July 4, 1905 -- Left side of barrel: Police Positive, Cal 22 WRF I might be talked into selling it.
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