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I recently got a fairly nice Army Special (pre-OP). The timing itself seems fine, as the cylinder locks up on every chamber OK even when cocked very slowly. Also the locking bolt retracts as soon as the hammer starts to move back when thumb-cocked. However, what I am seeing is that the bolt snaps into the cylinder far too soon, somewhat before it reaches the lead-in cut prior to the cylinder bolt slot - i'd say on a point about midway between chambers. This has resulted in a cylinder turn line. Not terrible, but I don't like it and I'd like to do something to delay the bolt drop. Exactly what's necessary to increase the point at which the bolt snaps back onto the cylinder, so it does not happen until later when it's over the lead-in cut? Would replacing the bolt assembly help or can something else be done to the existing bolt piece? I do not have the Kuhnhausen book. I think I can fix it myself if it's nothing too complicated, but I'd like some guidance before making any try-it-and-see-what-happens attempts at correction. I do know how to disassemble the works on these old DAs. But I haven't disassembled this one yet.

By the way - I didn't cause the existing turn line. I know enouch to index the cylinder when closing it.

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Best advice...Be smart, buy the Kuhnhausen Shop Manual. It goes into detail on how to correct timing.

Basically, AS LONG AS NOTHING IS WORN OR DAMAGED, early bolt drop is corrected by removing the bolt and bending the "tail" in toward the rebound lever slightly.
This is tedious because you have to totally disassemble the entire gun and totally reassemble it each time you make a correction until you get it just right.

If it's not bent enough, it drops too soon. Bend just a tiny amount too much, it drops too late and you get cylinder "throw by".

DO NOT bend the bolt tail while it's in the gun. This looks like a short cut, until the bolt screw head snaps off.
Then you're screwed because there were two thread sizes used and the tiny screw is itself a fitted part.
Fitting requires a special guided end mill bit which I have no idea where to get these days.

Again, this is a simple description of a touchy adjustment. Buy the manual, you'll be glad you did.

The absolute LAST option is replacing the bolt.
First, new, unfitted and unadjusted bolts are no longer available.
Jack First sell replica bolts but these are more on the order of semi-finished parts that require extensive shaping and forming before you can even start to fit and adjust it to the gun.
If you have to install a bolt, the Kuhnhausen manual is an absolute necessity.
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