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Possible good buy for someone...Trooper Mark III...

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A gun store local to me has a Trooper Mark III for sale...8" barrel .22LR...what looks like Herrett's wood stocks and a 2.5X Redfield scope mounted on it. The gun is in super nice shape...not perfect but very nice. They're asking $1000 for it...they usually are good to negotiate with. I have no interest in the piece but thought maybe someone here might be.

The store is Guns Plus on Dysart Road in Surprise, AZ. Guns Plus
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Mk IIIs can get a bad rap, but my 6" .357 example is one of my most accurate guns.

Thanks kindly for the tip, hope it finds a good home!

*Did business with Guns Plus a long time back, nice folks, least then. :)
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